Facilities Rates


Membership Rate

S.No. Type of Membership Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
1. PCA Associate Membership 30,000/-(Tax extra as applicable) NIL
Punjab Cricket Club
2. Town Membership 1,70,000/-(Tax extra as applicable) 3,600/-
3. Country Membership 1,70,000/-(Tax extra as applicable) 3,600/-
4. Over 65 Years 1,70,000/-(Tax extra as applicable) 1,800/-
5. Cricket Member 20,000/-(Tax extra as applicable) 3,600/-

* A Life Member will be required to be a member of the Association also.

  • Any Company applying for Corporate Membership has to apply for a slot of minimum.
  • Candidates will be required to pay entrance Fee and Annual Subscription within one of their election as a member , at the rates prescribed at that time.
  • Registration fee : Rs. 2000/- (Tax extra as applicable) Not refundable Application will be accepted/Regd., Subject to the rates mentioned above and the grant of PCA Associate Membership.

Health Club per Member(Yearly) Rs. 10,000/-

  • Couple (Yearly) Rs. 15,000/-
  • 1st Member (Monthly) Rs. 1,000/-
  • 2nd Member (Same month) Rs. 500/-
  • Daily per Member Rs. 100/-

Lawn Tennis per Member(Yearly) Rs. 2000/-

  • Monthly per Member Rs. 200/-
  • Monthly Member's – Guest Rs. 500/-

Swimming Pool (Season) per Member Rs. 2500/-

  • Swimming Pool per Couple (Season) Rs. 3,500/-
  • Member monthly Rs. 600/-
  • Daily per Member Rs. 150/-

Billiard per member per hour Rs. 30/-

  • Billiard per Member's – Guest per hour Rs. 60/-

Room Tariff:

  • Suite -Rs. 3000/- Per Day
  • Super Deluxe(Single Occupancy) -Rs. 2400/- Per Day
  • Super Deluxe(Double Occupancy) -Rs. 2800/- Per Day
  • Deluxe(Single Occupancy) -Rs. 1800/- Per Day
  • Deluxe(Double Occupancy) -Rs. 2200/- Per Day
  • Extra bed -Rs. 600/- Per Day

Service Tax as applicable
Luxury Tax as applicable

Check in timing - 12:00 Noon
Check out timing - 12:00 Noon

Note: The above rates are applicable till 30-04-2017