Our History

Before 1947 the state ruled by the princess had their independent state stature and were affiliated with the board like as:

  • The State of Patiala was known as Patiala State Cricket Association
  • The remaining Punjab already under British India constituted the Punjab Cricket Association and its headquarter were at Lahore.
  • The British India capital Delhi had independent state association known as Delhi and District Cricket Association.

After 1947 the Punjab was bifurcated into two parts, half going to Pakistan and remaining coming to India. The Indian part of the Punjab renamed its association as East Punjab Cricket Association. With the merging of Patiala State into PEPSU (Patiala & East Punjab States Union), the Patiala State Cricket Association which covered the areas of nine princely states in PEPSU , subsequently changed its name to Southern Punjab Cricket Association. In the meantime the East Punjab Cricket Association also changed its name to North Punjab Cricket Association. This continued upto 1966.

The states of the country were reorganized on the linguistic basis in 1966 and the state of PEPSU being a Punjabi speaking state was merged with Punjab and out of the area of Southern Punjab the new Hindi speaking state was carved out as Haryana but the system continued upto 1968. In 1968 Haryana formed a new Cricket Association and applied to the BCCI for the affiliation. In 1968 Southern Punjab Cricket Association merged with North Punjab Cricket Association and this joint Association was renamed as Punjab Cricket Association.